Troubleshooting Office 365 and PowerShell - Part 1

When you're a small business owner or team member working towards making something great and beneficial for people everywhere, it's important to keep your eyes on the prize. Operating a business at this capacity can be immensely time consuming.  

Even when your company is outside of the tech world, you still need to maintain some form of IT infrastructure and tooling in order to keep up with the times and expand. You may need a website built or figure out how to properly manage the users in your organization. You'll often have confidential information that you won’t want in the hands of strangers. Most need email, but also need to find the proper procedures for adding or removing users from their organization. If someone leaves, what happens to the data that was in that mailbox or files in the Network Drive that you had shared? There are so many things to consider that oftentimes many things are overlooked. Every company will be different, so there is no cookie cutter option when it comes to their technology needs. Don't let your technology security needs slip through the cracks!

With data security being an increasingly serious topic, your system may not be 100 percent up-to-date if you’re not familiar with that process. At Jungle Disk, we get to know your business and day-to-day operations to make sure you are utilizing our services to their full potential.

We have a data security suite of services that helps address all of the problems that may arise during your growing business’s journey. Will you need everything we offer? Possibly. The only way to find out would be to have a chat with us and discover what your needs are. If you have problem that we have a solution for, we’ll let you know!

I make sure that all of our customers and potential customers know that we’ll help them try to achieve whatever they’re out to accomplish, no matter how crazy they think it sounds. Chances are that we’ve helped other customers in that same situation!

Recently, I've been helping out a customer who's taking advantage of subscribing to Office 365 through us as a Silver Microsoft Partner. They had a simple request, but with Microsoft, the process needed to be done through PowerShell. If you are familiar with this, great! If not, think of why that is. Do you not have enough time to try to learn it? We see this a lot and want to help. In the instance of this customer, they had some basic knowledge, but were not completely confident in the process and did not have time to test and implement. So they mentioned it to me and I was able to get it completed, with some input from the customer. The documentation for getting this done was very convoluted and I felt like I was navigating through hundreds of articles. I can see why trying to accomplish certain Office 365 tasks can be daunting!

Once we completed the customer's request, it all fell into place and I have personally learned that some of our customers would prefer to have a better breakdown and see the documentation of how the process works.

In my next blog, I’ll go over a few of these processes and how to get a bit more familiar with PowerShell and do some easy tasks. Look out for a PowerShell breakdown soon!

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