Jungle Spotlight: Why IT Tropolis Prefers Jungle Disk

Orange County, California-based IT Tropolis was co-founded by president Bob Herman to provide technology services to small and medium-sized businesses. His team’s day-to-day activities include responding to alerts generated by their monitoring system, helping users to solve issues and working with project teams to help improve their technology processes and productivity.

Bob Herman is proud to provide technology services to small and medium-sized businesses. photo provided by Bob Herman 

Wanting to find an affordable cloud-based workgroup file sharing solution for their clients, Bob landed on Jungle Disk. He explains, “We decided to offer Jungle Disk as our preferred solution. Jungle Disk provides quick and easy setup and configuration, coupled with solid technology,” said Bob. “We found that other systems were too complex and timely to set up and maintain.”

He’s also big on security — just like us. “To meet industry best practices, we wanted to ensure our preferred solution provides encrypted communications for data in motion and at rest. Jungle Disk meets this requirement.”

We make it our mission to ensure that all of our customers can rely on the expertise of our support team, regardless of the issue. Bob knows we’re doing our job: “In the rare cases when we need support, the Jungle Disk team has always shown a deep technical understanding of the software and issues that arise, providing solutions to fix problems quickly.”

Bob and his team knew that they shouldn’t settle for anything less than the perfect product. Easy file sharing, reliable backups and secure data encryption are just some of the ways that businesses like IT Tropolis utilize Jungle Disk. In the tech industry, it is important to know that more than just your company’s reputation is at stake if your data isn’t backed up, secure and protected!

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