Is FaceApp a Security Risk? Here’s What You Just Did With Your Data.

Seeing yourself age right before your eyes can be … scary — but what’s even scarier is the amount of information that these app developers can obtain and do with it. This is the case for the viral app FaceApp, where you can alter your photo to age yourself decades older using AI with a single tap on your mobile device.

Do you know those privacy policies where we as consumers rarely read and or gloss over before downloading on Apple’s App Store or Google Play Market? This is precisely what FaceApp users are now realizing after it’s too late. After a couple of seemingly harmless years of being in the app market, users have become immune to the potential risks to their private data. They’ve downloaded the app, blindly waiving away many data rights. Investigators probed more into the developers and actually read their privacy policy and came to a conclusion — it’s sketchy. The issue at hand is that the images are uploaded to a cloud and the app developers are located in Russia AND then have permission to keep all your phone’s data as listed in their privacy policy.

Scary, right?

News Radio 1200 WOAI talked with our very own cybersecurity expert and Jungle Disk CEO Bret Piatt about concerns regarding this app and ones like it — pay attention anytime someone asks to access to your data.

Bret urges that before users are downloading these applications, think first: "Who are we sharing our data with and what rights are we giving them, with that data, when we choose to share it with them?"

Unfortunately, once you give permission to these apps, they have your data irrevocably. Hackers could you use all the data collected, such as your name and pictures, to create fake accounts in order to phish for money from your friends and family.

We understand it’s hard to completely protect yourself online, but security measures to protect your digital identity can help you stay cyber safe!

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