Students + Startups in the Jungle: Matt's Final Reflections

Wow, 10 weeks went by faster than I could have ever imagined. It seems like just a few days ago I was putting on my new Jungle Disk t-shirt and getting onboarded. I thoroughly enjoyed all that Students + Startups gave me this summer and am extremely grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the San Antonio community. My internship mainly consisted of two parts. First, the finance side where I worked with Jungle Disk's CEO, Bret Piatt, and second, the management side where I was working with our high school interns.

During my time as a finance intern, I worked on both a product pricing analysis report as well as a financial model for a possible future venture of Jungle Disk. One of the biggest aspects I enjoy about internships is the hands-on real-world environment you are placed into. College is great for teaching hard skills, but sometimes it even falls short of that goal. In a working environment, there is no grade to achieve, only a problem to solve. This helps prevent purely memorizing concepts and instead actually incentivizing the student to actually learn the material at hand. With Jungle Disk’s help, I feel as though I was able to add to my finance tool belt more skills, like Microsoft Excel modeling and critical thinking.

The other side of the internship really helped develop my soft skills. Not only does Jungle Disk hire college interns, they also hire high school interns. However, the catch is that the college interns manage the high schoolers – something I like to call 'multi-level-interning' (MLI). While, comically, this really does help build out our skills: Hiring, managing, leadership, communication, and more. Working with the high schoolers was a blast and an invaluable experience that Jungle Disk gave us.

I’ve had a lot of fun this summer being stationed in the sales and marketing department. After making friends with both my fellow interns and Jungle Disk employees, it is bittersweet to know my internship is coming to an end. While this chapter comes to a close, I know I’ll cross paths with Jungle Disk again.

Signing off,

Matt Lohstroh

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