Students + Startups in the Jungle: Jordan's Final Reflections

As we approach the end of summer, I am left to reflect on my time here as an intern at Jungle Disk. When I first started my internship, I had no idea what to expect — this was my first internship, so I was going in blind. As I learned more about what I would be doing, I grew more nervous. Cloud computing? I had never touched the subject before, since I’m a computer security student. I was not about to let that get the best of me, so I took it and ran with it.

I took a great learning tool called Linux Academy and hands on training to get me to the level of knowledge I’m at now. I learned how to use a tool called Ansible that was going to be used for automating the creation of servers. I started off tackling some basic assignments, but in no time I was in the thick of things working on larger projects. I was able to automate the configuration of virtual machines to install a monitoring and logging agent as well as going through old code and either fixing it up or just cleaning and updating it. Working at Jungle Disk has sparked my interest to learn more about DevOps and to dig deeper into what tools and languages I should learn in order to further my skill set and give me the skills to stand out in the industry.

Other than working on my projects, I learned so much about the city culture — being downtown daily, I went to most of the hot spots to eat and saw for myself what makes San Antonio so great. I have made many friends this summer, from my fellow interns to Jungle Disk employees. Turns out we share a great amount of interests and hobbies. The work environment really made coming in to work something that I looked forward to. I thoroughly enjoyed being in the same office as all of these people. A couple of us even did push ups together in the office in order to make sure we kept our bodies moving and healthy — it’s all about that team motivation! Lunch breaks were full of laughs, good food and a ton of ping pong. I really did have a blast working and learning here at Jungle Disk.

I would like to thank everyone at Students + Startups and Geekdom for the opportunity of working at a local tech startup. Most importantly, I would like to thank my supervisors Paul Ibarra and Chris “Rain” Avila as well as everyone at Jungle Disk for everything that they have done and provided for me. Everyone has truly contributed to my future and given me the hands-on work experience that will drive me to success.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” - Dr. Seuss

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