Jungle Spotlight: How Family-Run AFI Insurance Stopped Worrying About Losing Data

AFI Insurance opened its doors for business just a year after Oscar and Michelle Almeida graduated college in 1996 — and they’ve been working hard ever since then to provide the best lines of personal and commercial insurance to their customers.

Just as their own customers expect both quality products and exceptional customer service, Oscar expects the same things out of Jungle Disk. He decided to start using Jungle Disk’s services after experiencing one too many crashed hard drives.

“We had always used a hard drive to store our information. We had some drives that crashed, and we could not get to our information. This is how I discovered Jungle Disk, it’s all online and I don’t want to jinx us, but it has been wonderful ever since! We store all our important information on Jungle Disk.”

This is especially important because the insurance industry is required to keep records of their data, even after claims have been filed — AFI uses Jungle Disk to stay compliant with these regulations.

When asked to recall a memorable experience of working with the Jungle Disk team, Oscar described a time that the support team talked him through a scary situation: “One time I thought I was reliving a crashed hard drive, I called in a panic, but the representative advised me how to restore my drive. I think I was abused by those external hard drives because I was already in panic mode.”

In addition to making sure there’s always a secure backup of their business information, they’ve got the added benefit of being able to always access their data stored in the cloud via Jungle Disk Workgroup: “We can find everything and not have to piece it together anymore. The information is all in one place.”

With multiple clients, it’s important that team members can access the most recent versions of all of their essential files, which are backed up on each of their computers. Jungle Disk eliminates the stress of having more than one version of the same file floating around.

Jungle Disk is proud to serve small, family-oriented business owners like Oscar and Michelle, who trust us to help protect their data — take a look at how adoption reunion registry Adopted.com takes advantage of our cybersecurity suite to make sure their data is secure.

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