Why You Should Always Double Check Your Email (or Expose your Business to Risks)

How difficult is it to check your email? Has it become a chore? Did you forget you have email? Who even checks their email anymore?

These are questions I have heard in the last couple of months working in our support team. For some reason, the first thing I do when I get to the office is check my work email. I guess it's just a habit because I'm at work and I need to see if I missed anything while I was out.

Recently, we've had a lot of changes at Jungle Disk to improve our customer experience – including platform updates. We sent out two notices, and even then we still had many customers who missed the emails. I do understand that some of our customers use personal email addresses or may even be their IT administrator, since they manage the technical side of the business. It still kept me wondering why they didn’t read our emails...

I got answers once the support calls started coming in. They made sense to me, somewhat. The email got sent to their junk or spam boxes due to their filtering. Their IT administrator no longer was actually managing the account. They didn’t know how to login to their emails. Lots of interesting answers – regardless, we had to help them with their account and then ask them to then update the email on file so they would get Jungle Disk notifications, which are all important to keeping our products running.

The one answer that got me really thinking was when customers saw the email and thought it was a phishing attempt. I began to re-read the emails we sent to the customers, and while they made sense to me (more than likely because I knew the terminology), I could see how this would alarm a customer who was not used to the more technical terminology.

I then started asking questions to the customers who called us about the email, and my suspicions were confirmed – the terminology was to complicated and it made them want to either not read the email or just immediately delete it. I told them that I would bring up this issue to our team. Regardless, I still urged them to check the emails coming from our team and to give us a quick call if they were concerned or confused. If anyone is ever concerned about whether an email is really from us, they can go ahead and check the full email address of the sender (the address should end in @jungledisk.com).

This experience made me realize that, while I don’t write these emails to our customers, getting this type of direct feedback from our customers lets our team know understand what we can improve. In the future, we will keep sending out notifications about our products and any changes that will affect our customers' accounts, and hopefully the terminology isn’t as dense and will read better for some of our customers. If not, our support team is always here to explain the emails and any actions that should be taken.

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