Introducing Jungle Disk's Cybersecurity Awareness Training for your Business

Did you know that almost half of the businesses that experience a major cyber-attack never recover and ultimately end up closing their doors? And to make it worse, less than seven percent of the ones that make it through survive beyond two years. Even with cybersecurity advancements making their way to the small businesses, companies continue to get compromised at alarming rates. Despite the presence of company firewalls, the responsible application of data backups and department-mandated password restrictions, this still continues to be a major problem. Why is this?

The answer lies with employees. Shred-it, an information security company conducted a survey of over 1,000 small business owners and C-suite executives. Those polled responded by saying that nearly half of their cyber breaches were employee related. Others might even say that upwards of two thirds of breaches are caused by humans within the organizations. So even with all the investments in tech and security software, bad actors are still wiggling their way into critical company assets by a component that is often overlooked – employees themselves.

This leads us to an exciting development! Today at Jungle Disk we're announcing that we have added cybersecurity awareness training to our Complete Cybersecurity Suite, providing small businesses access to a comprehensive cybersecurity solution. This is the first time the training and tools needed to secure a small business have been available as a monthly subscription service.

As stated in our press release, this new cybersecurity awareness training is an "automated online learning solution that incorporates training modules, assessments and phishing simulations. In addition to cybersecurity awareness training, the Jungle Disk Complete Cybersecurity Suite includes computer and server backup, email archiving and password management. The complete suite protects businesses from ransomware, data theft, brute force account hacking, and more while providing training to reduce the odds they will become a victim to begin with."

In today’s cyber-connected world, companies need to be vigilant to manage the risk employees can present to their businesses. With corporate processes being more connected than at any time in history and with the millions online each day, there is an ever-present risk looming within the organization, the people who work for you! At Jungle Disk, holistic cybersecurity is your best defense when it comes to providing an effective defense. Our Complete Cybersecurity Suite offers just that – data backups, email archiving, password management and now cybersecurity awareness training!

For help putting together a data security strategy, contact our solution consultants by calling (888) 601-0401. Stay cybersafe out there!

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