Game Plan: Getting Your Small Business Cloud Ready

So –  you've got a small business, and you are planning on moving your data to the cloud. Maybe it's for security reasons; you are worried about ransomware and you want to keep your data safe. Maybe it's a convenience thing, so you can have your important files stored in a single place, available on all of your devices. Or maybe you've just heard the "cloud" buzzword around and are not sure how this new technology can help you with your small business. So – how can you prepare for a move to the cloud?

Take inventory of your business-critical data

Ask yourself this question: If I didn't have my computer or data for 24 hours, how would this impact my business? How about seven days? How about two weeks? Not having your mission-critical data for that long can turn your small business into a hulking, flaming pile of wreckage filled with charred, tangled hopes and dreams. But one thing to keep in mind is that the value of data is not all equal. It may be more cost effective to only have redundant copies of some data, such as your accounting information, instead of backing up every single workstation in your business. You have to be able to understand the value of your most important information, and ensure you have a disaster recovery plan in case of emergency.

Game plan for a worst-case scenario

Once you have determined what is mission critical to your business, you can game plan. Do you want local backups on an external hard drive? Do you want a copy of this data in the geo-redundant cloud? Do you need to share this data with other users in your organization regularly, but need to do so securely? The answer to these questions is "yes." When it comes to backing up your most important stuff, more really is more. Redundancy is your best friend in a disaster recovery scenario. Natural disasters, cyber attacks, malware, physical and identity theft, and phishing attacks are all unfortunately an everyday part of running a business in 2019, and you must be prepared for these types of incidents. You would lock the front door to your business as you left for the night, right? You should have the same sense of urgency about protecting your most important information also.

Do your research and find the products that fit your needs

Jungle Disk is a great, secure way to back up your most important info, along with scheduled, encrypted backups to our partners' trusted data centers. Jungle Disk's Network Drive also gives you a way to share your files with employees, clients, and more, with file versioning and data retention. TeamPassword is a simple solution to the 21st century's biggest issue; keeping track of all of your passwords! Share your passwords with trusted team members and keep them all in one secure place. And SafetyNet gives you a simple, quick way to back up your QuickBooks Online data.

Reach out to the Jungle Disk sales team to see how Jungle Disk can help you get your small business cloud-ready.

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