Cyber Talk Radio: Latina Cyber Entrepreneurship

Bret Piatt, CTR host, and Janie Gonzalez, founder and CEO of Webhead - Episode 168 of Cyber Talk Radio

This past Saturday, December 14, episode 168 of Cyber Talk Radio hit the air on 1200 WOAI and iHeartRadio streaming. I sat down with Janie Gonzalez, founder and CEO of Webhead, to discuss her path to creating one of the very first tech startups in San Antonio as a Latina.

To start the episode off, we want to make sure our listeners know that Webhead is the OG San Antonio tech startup — it was founded 25 years ago by native San Antonian Janie. Where did she first get her interest in tech? When she was in high school she dated someone who was in tech and got her interested, but she had strict parents, so when she married, she married someone who supported her choice to go to college, and started Webhead while in her junior year. Being a first generation college student made her more driven to prove herself further and further. Her husband was a computer science major who got a job at the University of Texas at San Antonio’s data center, so that’s where she saw Netscape for the first time and was exposed to the internet — she just knew it would change the world! As a sociology major, she decided that Webhead would use technology to change communities. How should beginning entrepreneurs get their first customers? By not being shy. Janie’s first roles were really “cofounder, vision and sales” because she was essentially a freelance liaison. The title of CEO came much later. She kept on embracing new technologies and, and got a lot of resistance in the industry because of her background. She eventually found a small office space and Webhead gives back to Janie’s alma mater every year in scholarship funding. They eventually got a space in an Eastside warehouse.

After the break, Janie continues telling her fascinating story! Webhead has become successful enough now that she was able to buy a new building six years ago in San Antonio’s District 1, right across from San Antonio College. Compared to their initial product offerings of HTTP custom apps and content management systems, they’ve now pivoted into Department of Defense contracting space, and working with software, web and cyber development, which is how they’ve scaled up with multi-year contracts. A sustainable tech company should balance their presence within the commercial and federal sectors — making sure they diversify their customers! For government jobs, Janie had to figure out herself how to write proposals and enforce security compliance procedures. Another way she found her competitive niche is by leveraging first-generation college graduate talent just like herself. Technology is changing faster with more expectations, so Webhead is always in transition along with it. Latina CEO, Janie’s movement to empower young budding Latina entrepreneurs, came out 15 years ago when she felt alone in a lot of high-power meetings and situations. She figured out how to take advantage of feeling isolated and different in high-power roles — she leveraged and embraced it and wants to encourage other Latinas to do the same!

Listen to the full episode replay to learn more about Janie’s Webhead journey.

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