i2Coalition Member Spotlight Q&A: Jungle Disk

Since 2012, i2Coalition’s mission has been to keep the internet open as an engine for growth and innovation. They work with internet infrastructure providers to advocate for sensible policies, design and reinforce best practices, help create industry standards, and build awareness of how the internet works. i2Coalition’s commitment to ensure those who build the internet have a voice in public policy originated from the founding members successful effort preventing the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP (PIPA) legislation, the infamous internet blacklist to censor sites without legal proof of infringed law, from becoming United States law. This mobilization was the catalyst that today ensures the free flow of information and commerce across the internet.

David Hamilton, Communications Manager, i2Coalition talks with Bret Piatt, CEO, Jungle Disk in a member spotlight on why it’s crucial for Jungle Disk to be a part of the i2Coalition and the importance of secure online data backups that everyone can benefit from - read the entire original interview as it appeared here https://i2coalition.com/i2coalition-member-spotlight-qa-jungle-disk/

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