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Backing Up Dropbox To Jungle Disk

by Juan Diaz - Jan 26, 2017

Behind the Scenes - Generating Web Pages with Markdown

Most of the time when you write documents that end up on the web, you likely don’t want to manually write HTML. If you’ve seen some of the content generated by a word processor or one of the “friendly” web page editors, you may have abandoned the...

by Ryan Veazey / Behind the Scenes, Product, Technical / Jan 6, 2017

Improvements with MacOS on the Jungle Disk Online Backup Workgroup Client

Hi Mac Users, We are thrilled to announce that two issues with the Jungle Disk Workgroup software on macOS have been resolved. The resolutions bring better functionality and a greatly improved experience for users running the newest version of ma...

by James Woodard / Encrypted Backup, Product, Technical / Jan 5, 2017

New Year’s Resolutions for Data Security and Management

According to New Year’s resolution statistics for 2015 the top 5 resolutions among Americans were lose weight, get organized, spend less and save more, enjoy life to the fullest and stay fit and healthy. In fact, over half of Americans make resolu...

by John Garza / Business Strategy, Thought Leadership / Jan 4, 2017

Investigating Cyber Crimes - Week 15 of Cyber Talk Radio

Investigating Cyber Crimes - Week 15 of Cyber Talk Radio Our guest this week was Ed Shaw, former FBI agent. Show Summary This past Saturday, December 31, the 15th episode of Cyber Talk Radio hit the air on 1200 WOAI and iHeartRadio streaming....

by Bret Piatt / Cyber Talk Radio, Thought Leadership / Jan 3, 2017

Top Five Most Popular Jungle Disk Blog Posts of 2016

As we wind down 2016 and get ready to kick off a New Year, we wanted to highlight some of our most popular posts over the past year. We have covered a wide variety of topics including ransomware, major data breaches, EU-U.S. Privacy Shield, networ...

by Christina Weaver / Thought Leadership, Business Strategy, Industry News / Dec 30, 2016

Protecting Business Critical Data - Managing Your Encrypted Backups

Backing up data is important for any organization, but how that backup is organized can be just as vital. With Jungle Disk, there are a few ways to manage a backup so that your business can get back on its feet quickly in the event of data loss. I...

by Thomas Garcia / Encrypted Backup, Product / Dec 29, 2016

Jungle Disk - More Than Just Data Backup

You’re on the go and need access to a file that you were working on for a meeting you are about to attend but the computer is back at the office. There’s no time to head back to get it! What do you do? In this situation, there may not be a work ar...

by Jorge Rodriguez / Technical, Encrypted Backup, Product / Dec 28, 2016