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Do I Need To Backup Google Drive? Yes.

by Bret Piatt - Aug 25, 2016

Top Five Data Breaches of 2016

As a data security company, Jungle Disk regularly receives reports of cyberattcks. Since we offer data security products like encrypted backup and network protection, we commonly have conversations with customers about how they figured out that t...

by Beth Watts / Network Threat Protection, Ransomware, Industry News / Dec 15, 2016

The Powerful Features of Jungle Disk Encrypted Backup - Backup Vault and Network Drive

Backup Vault and the Network Drive Jungle Disk offers two great features with our Encrypted Backup offering - Backup Vault and Network Drive. Both can be very valuable depending on your specific use case scenario. I’d like explain a little about...

by Roland Ozuna / Encrypted Backup, Customer Experience, Product / Dec 14, 2016

Accelerating Cybersecurity Innovation in San Antonio - Week 12 of Cyber Talk Radio

Accelerating Cybersecurity Innovation in San Antonio - Week 12 of Cyber Talk Radio Our guest this week was Will Garrett, executive director at Build Sec Foundry. Show Summary This past Saturday, December 3, the 12th episode of Cyber Talk Radi...

by Bret Piatt / Cyber Talk Radio, Thought Leadership / Dec 13, 2016

The Software Behind the Software - How Improving Jungle Disk backend Services Improves the Overall Customer Experience

Here at Jungle Disk, we take great pride in our software and the experience we provide to our customers. We’re always trying to improve our software and services to make things faster, simpler, more resilient, etc. Sometimes achieving those goals ...

by Wes Dunn / Product, Behind the Scenes, Technical / Dec 12, 2016

Jungle Disk Wins San Antonio Business Journal Tech Titans Tech-onomic Impact Award

San Antonio Business Journal Tech Titans This last Wednesday, the Jungle Disk team attended the third annual San Antonio Business Journal Tech Titans Award ceremony at the Pearl Stables. The Tech Titans awards recognize outstanding peo...

by Christina Weaver / Leadership, Award, Industry News / Dec 9, 2016

Behind the Scenes at Jungle Disk - How Encrypted Backup Rescued a Customer from Data Loss

Our support team runs into many different scenarios when it comes to helping customers restore their data with the Jungle Disk software. There tends to be some common scenarios that we are able to help with pretty quickly including old machines dy...

by Mario Trejo / Encrypted Backup, Customer Experience, Behind the Scenes / Dec 8, 2016

What is a VPN and Why Should You Be Using It?

What’s a VPN? A Virtual Private Network also known as a VPN gives online users the ability to securely connect to the internet by utilizing a provider’s protected server system. Just as an armored car service wouldn’t drive away from the bank pa...

by John Garza / Network Threat Protection, Technical, Product / Dec 7, 2016