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How to Backup Microsoft OneDrive and Why

by Bret Piatt - Jul 20, 2016

Behind the Scenes at Jungle Disk - Intern Edition

Hey Everyone, My name is Monty and I’ve been working as an intern at Jungle Disk this summer. I’m a sociology major at Trinity University, so the world of data security was pretty new to me when I was getting started. Thankfully, everyone at Jung...

by Monty Mckeon / Behind the Scenes, Internships / Jul 25, 2016

How to Backup Microsoft OneDrive and Why

Redundant and reliable online storage is not the same as having a separately secured and vaulted backup copy Microsoft Office 365 is a great business email, productivity, and collaboration solution. We use it for our team to have Office 2016 — th...

by Bret Piatt / Product, Encrypted Backup / Jul 20, 2016

Data Privacy - EU Model Clauses vs. Privacy Shield vs. Safe Harbor

New EU-U.S. Privacy Shield creates confusion for Data Processors and Data Exporters Data privacy between United States (US) and European Union (EU) companies has a new option formally named the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield which was adopted by the Euro...

by Bret Piatt / Industry News, Public Policy / Jul 18, 2016

Cyberattack Rate Doubles in the Healthcare Industry

HIPAA Risks and Healthcare Attack Research New research from Ponemon Institute indicates that healthcare organizations are under attack. Breaches are up 100 percent since 2010. These breaches cost the industry roughly $5.6 billion a year not in...

by Bret Piatt / Healthcare, Industry News, Ransomware / Jul 15, 2016

Behind the Scenes - Jungle Disk First Peek

We’re going to start talking about some of what we do ‘Behind the Scene’ at Jungle Disk to run a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business with lots of customers and data. Typically these ‘Behind the Scene’ articles will come from the technical lead o...

by Bret Piatt / Technical, Behind the Scenes / Jul 13, 2016

Great Leaders Stop Their Company from Rewarding Office Politics

During my morning reading, I came across an article titled, Great Leaders Embrace Office Politics from Harvard Business Review. My 2 cents— this is the right advice if you want to succeed in an organization that has a toxic culture. A Truly Great...

by Bret Piatt / Business Strategy, Thought Leadership / Jul 8, 2016

Continuous Backup, Team Collaboration and Read-only Version Archive

This post will show you how to setup a workflow where the members of a team sync their data to the manager’s machine (or a central file server). Then the central machine creates a daily real-only version archive which can be used to roll-back to a...

by Bret Piatt / Product, Encrypted Backup / Jul 5, 2016