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Backing Up Dropbox To Jungle Disk

by Juan Diaz - Jan 26, 2017

San Antonio Startup Week - Jungle Disk Participating in Product Security Panel

We are excited for San Antonio Startup Week to kick-off next week taking place February 27 through March 3rd. In case you are not familiar, San Antonio Startup Week is a five day celebration of the San Antonio community to continue to build moment...

by Christina Weaver / Thought Leadership, Product / Feb 23, 2017

Why Syncing Your Data Is Not Enough - Cloud Backup Tips

I store a lot of information in the cloud, but who doesn’t these days, right? The most convenient way to get information uploaded to the cloud in a quick, accessible and usable format is to sync them from copies I already have stored locally. All ...

by Paul Ibarra / Encrypted Backup, Product / Feb 23, 2017

Video - Learn How to Backup OneDrive with Jungle Disk

Jungle Disk CEO, Bret Piatt, discussed in an earlier blog post about the importance of backing up OneDrive to Jungle Disk. With the Microsoft Office subscription, you get OneDrive, an online storage product, included in the bundle. Online storage...

by Jorge Rodriguez / Knowledge Base, Encrypted Backup, Product / Feb 22, 2017

Cybersecurity Trends for 2017 - Week 21 of Cyber Talk Radio

Cybersecurity Trends for 2017 - Week 21 of Cyber Talk Radio Our guest this week was Stephanie Ewing-Ottmers, cybersecurity evangelist at Delta Risk. Show Summary This past Saturday, February 18, episode 21 of Cyber Talk Radio hit the air on 1...

by Bret Piatt / Cyber Talk Radio, Thought Leadership / Feb 21, 2017

The Power of Artificial Intelligence – Protecting Your Data in Today’s Digital World (Enterprise Viewpoint)

Jungle Disk CEO, Bret Piatt, recently contributed an article to Enterprise Viewpoint focusing on the security implications of Artificial Intelligence. Below is a short preview. To read the full post, visit In today’s digi...

by Christina Weaver / Thought Leadership, Technical / Feb 17, 2017

Behind the Scenes at Jungle Disk - The Importance of Customer Feedback

Here at Jungle Disk, we strive to build a suite of products that are useful and valuable to our customers with an exceptional level of support on top of it. We will soon be sending a ~30 second survey out to our customers checking in on how we’re ...

by Amanda Sanchez / Customer Experience, Behind the Scenes / Feb 16, 2017

The Hack on the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is expected to be a “top target” for cyberattacks in 2017, according to Experian 2017 Data Breach Industry Forecast report. Imagine how much of our personal information is contained in our health records. Typically, recor...

by Del Peñano / Healthcare, Network Protection, Encrypted Backup / Feb 15, 2017