Attorney–client privileged encrypted online storage and records archive plus real-time network ransomware security with VPN remote access

“Solo and small firms maintaining virtual law offices will increase as the concept becomes increasingly understood and accepted. Attorneys will embrace the virtual model in greater numbers due to its cost savings and flexibility.”

- Stacey L. Romberg, Attorney at Law, Legal Industry Predictions - Business of Law Blog

Digital Case Management & Records Archive

Encrypted Active Client File Management

Jungle Disk allows you to create individual encrypted online disks for each client with a unique encryption key known only to you and your client. With our software you are able to access the active files through a mapped hard drive using the built in power of your computer’s operating system.

Services such as Dropbox can turn over or access your confidential data without your knowledge since they control the encryption keys. Jungle Disk puts you, the legal professional, in control of when and how data is provided to a requesting party since only you have the key.

Encrypted Inactive Client File Management

Using Jungle Disk you are able to create a Backup Vault and keep files forever in a compressed, encrypted format. We also offer a configurable retention period. If you want records purged at a two year statute of limitations you can set the retention to 731 days.

If you need to keep a client’s file for seven years you’ll set it to 2,557 days. When the timer expires you do not have to remember to go back and purge - Jungle Disk takes care of that for you.

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Protection On The Go

Clean Internet Filtering

We provide you encrypted communications while on WiFi in a mediation or arbitration, at court, in a restaurant, at a hotel, or in an airport while also protecting your connection from malware, ransomware, and viruses.

Secure Remote Access

While on the go or at home our secure gateway allows you to access your office network to print, connect to a file server, or access an application on a private system. This eliminates the need for a separate solution such as GoToMyPC, LogMeIn, or TeamViewer.

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