Data security for real-estate agents, brokers, architects, contractors, and title companies.

Our CEO on hacker threats to real estate professionals

Time is critical in the Real Estate industry. Whether it’s for a property inspection, occupancy permit, sales contract, or any of the other documents required for a client meeting, you need your data and cannot afford to arrive without it.


FTC Compliant

With a unique encryption key you can easily follow the data retention and FTC disposal rules by separating each customer into their own file folder.


Continuous Backup

Our secure document storage will protect you from data loss through laptop theft or failure.


Clean Internet

With our network protection we provide you encrypted communications while on the go from any network.


Remote Access

Easy-to-use interface, no hardware purchase, no long-term contracts, no installation or setup fees.

Data Storage, Backup, and Archives

Secure, Separate Storage - per Client or Project

Jungle Disk allows you to create separate encrypted online disks, each with a unique encryption key known only to you.

With our software you are able to access the active files through a mapped hard drive using the built in power of your computer’s operating system, through our Android or Apple iOS mobile applications, or through a web browser from any internet connected computer.

Continuous Backup & Data-sync

For the mobile real estate industry professional Jungle Disk can be configured to perform incremental backup operations when your computer connects to the internet. With our memory efficient design and ability to rate-limit bandwidth you won’t even notice it running in the background.

Adjustable Retention Policies

Using Jungle Disk you are able to create a Backup Vault and keep files forever (for that 99 year lease agreement) in a compressed, encrypted format. We also offer a configurable retention period. If you want records purged at a two year statute of limitations you can set the retention to 731 days. If you need to keep a client’s file for seven years you’ll set it to 2,557 days.

When the timer expires you do not have to remember to go back and purge - Jungle Disk takes care of that for you.

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Network Threat Protection

Clean Internet In The Office & On The Go

Jungle Disk offers the real–time prevention of attacks by securing your office with a firewall gateway that connects into our security cloud allowing us provide all the power of an Enterprise defense in depth solution without any of the cost or complexity.

Our network security gateway protects your office against criminal hackers looking to kidnap your data and collect a ransom or disrupt your work so you miss a deadline.

Secure Remote Access

By combining our Secure Remote Access with the Clean Internet filtering we provide you encrypted communications while on WiFi in a restaurant, at a hotel, or in an airport while also protecting your connection from malware, ransomware, and viruses.

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“If it’s true that your ears burn when someone is talking about — or watching you — then the ears of title insurance agents should be on fire now, because mortgage lenders are going to be focusing intently on the policies and procedures they have in place to protect the consumer data they collect.”

- Rick Diamond, SVP, Information Technology, WFG National Title Insurance Company, Mass Lomap