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Data Threat Protection Platform: Features & Benefits

Firewall & Content Filtering

The Jungle Disk Network Threat Protection appliance is an enhanced cloud–enabled firewall including real–time prevention of malware & ransomware attacks, network intrusions, denial-of-service attacks, and data leaks. All services include a $10,000+ data breach guarantee.

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Encrypted Data Backup

Jungle Disk Workgroup provides off-site secure backup and online storage secured with AES-256 encryption & accessible through our software, a web browser, or on your mobile devices. Our software supports Windows, macOS – for laptops, desktops, and workstations.

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Secure VPN Access

With the complete platform employees are provided secure VPN remote access to the office from anywhere, web browser access to your data through our encrypted portal or mobile apps, and separate secured Wi–Fi networks to protect business data from visitors or guests.

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Online Network Security Assessment

Jungle Disk offers a free online security test to determine if your network is vulnerable to malware, viruses, hacker profiling, and many more threats. This test is designed by security experts to provide a real world example of what a criminal hacker sees when they look at your digital storefront. Most networks fail at least one of the seven security tests!

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