Jungle Disk 3.32.0 - Released Jun. 23rd, 2020

Learn about 3.32.0 on the Jungle Disk blog

We’re combining features from multiple versions into one more powerful piece of software. The product formerly known as “Jungle Disk Workgroup Edition” will now simply be referred to as “Jungle Disk” moving forward. It’ll take some time to eliminate all traces of the legacy naming, so don’t be surprised to see it lingering around through the rest of 2020 in different places.

New Features

  • Multi-Threaded Backup Vault Upload: Jungle Disk users can now customize the number of simultaneous upload “threads” for a backup job configuration. The setting defaults to one thread and maxes out at ten threads, enabling users to take advantage of the bandwidth available on their networks by uploading more data at a time, resulting in faster backup times. Previously only available in Jungle Disk Server Edition, this feature is now also available in Jungle Disk (Formerly Workgroup Edition).
  • Backup Scripting: With this feature, previously only available in Jungle Disk Server Edition, users can set Jungle Disk to trigger any executable file before a backup runs, after a backup runs, or if a backup run fails. This can be useful in situations where data needs to be created/compressed before a backup runs, deleted after a backup runs, or if there is special logic required in the event a backup fails.


  • Simplified and decreased executable size of Windows Installer.


  • Fixed a bug that caused failures/errors when creating Personal S3 Online Disks in the EU region. This bug most likely impacted users creating Personal S3 Online Disks for the first time.
  • Fixed a bug in Jungle Disk Server Edition that prevented users from setting or changing an Online Disk encryption password in the Activity Monitor. This bug only affected Online Disks stored in Google Cloud Storage.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause timestamps shown in logs and the “Errors and Warnings” dialog to be 9-10 minutes ahead of the correct time (macOS only).