“43% of companies who experienced a major loss of data never reopened and only 6% survived in the long term”-- Dr. Stephen Haag, University of Denver

Data Threat Protection: Backups with encryption, secure clouds & instant file access - all in one.
Trusted by thousands of legal practices, medical groups, financial firms, and companies like yours - from 2 - 250 employees.

  • The Only Backup Service You Need. Jungle Disk is the only backup service that your business needs because it works on all of your laptops, desktops, and servers -- including Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, and Red Hat Linux operating systems.

  • We protect your client, customer and business data Jungle Disk is trusted by over 25,000 owners and managers of legal, medical, law and accounting practices, banks, credit unions, insurance agencies and other financial service and business service providers to provide safe and reliable protection of the data entrusted to you by your clients and customers.

  • Ensure business continuity in worst case scenarios: Jungle Disk delivers reliable, fast, and flexible data restoration that ensures your business is back online and running quickly by allowing priority restoration of active files, individually or in a group, rather than forcing you to wait for the full computer to restore.

  • Benefits of the cloud with world class security, availability, and compliance Jungle Disk uses the Amazon and Rackspace clouds to give you access to an infinite amount of resources and compute power so you never are limited in you backup and restore operations by capacity or availability constraints. In addition, you can take advantage of the world-class security, compliance reports, and a global presence for data sovereignty.

  • Backed by quality customer experience experts We work to solve your problem quickly and completely -- consistently achieving 95%+ positive ratings from our customers. Our staff listens and responds to your needs. Like you, we are fast, responsive, and don't work off of scripts or “call center style” escalations.

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