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Jungle Disk Pricing: 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Data protection and network security are essential
to protect businesses from attacks and accidents.

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Automatic Backup Pricing


Jungle Disk Workgroup
For Laptops, Desktops, & Mobile


per month / per employee

Automatic backups keep your data safe plus teams can securely collaborate using encrypted online disks.
  • Real-time and scheduled backups for PCs or Macs plus secure and compliant online storage for teams
  • Through our advanced data compression our customers save an average of 30% on download time and storage costs
  • Backup all your data including network shares, NAS, or external hard drives plus online disks including OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox
  • Meet regulatory security requirements of HIPAA, SOC2, SOC3, and PCI with Military grade AES-256 encryption and audited data centers
  • 10GB of FREE storage per client.2
  • Unlimited FREE data transfer


Jungle Disk Server
For Windows & Linux Servers


per month / per server

Protect data on servers kept at your office, data center or cloud provider with our Backup Vault technology.
  • Backup or restore data on Windows and Linux servers through a PC or Macbook central management console
  • Protect databases, email servers, and other 24/7 applications with automated task scheduling before and after backup jobs
  • Archive business records for years efficiently with data compression, smart file versioning, and adjustable retention policies
  • Meet regulatory security requirements of HIPAA, SOC2, SOC3, and PCI with Military grade AES-256 encryption and audited data centers
  • 10GB of FREE storage per server.2
  • Unlimited FREE data transfer

1: As Jungle Disk is designed for 2-250 employee businesses each customer account is subject to a minimum monthly charge of $8 per month. If the total aggregate fees charged for all Services provided by Jungle Disk to a customer account in a particular monthly billing period are less than the minimum monthly charge, then the customer will pay to Jungle Disk an additional fee equal to the difference between the total aggregate fees charged and the minimum monthly charge.
2: Additional storage is $0.15/GB.

Questions? Our team of experts are always here to help. We’re in-tune with your small business needs, and can help you find exactly the right solution. Ask a question.

Password Manager Pricing & Plans




per month for up to 5 people

Manage and share access to the apps, services, & tools your team needs.
  • Chrome, Firefox, & Safari extensions
  • Secure Unique Password Generator
  • Create Groups for Sharing
  • Multifactor Authentication
  • Activity Logging & Email Notifications
  • AES-256 Encryption

Additional plans for larger teams:



per month,
up to 15 people



per month,
up to 30 people



per month,
up to 50 people

Contact us for for over 50 people to set up a larger plan.

Over 25,000 customers trust Jungle Disk
to keep their business safe.

Ask yourself, “How would your business handle having all of your email, financial records and/or sales leads deleted from the SaaS service you use?” – Learn more in CSO Magazine

QuickBooks Online Backup Pricing




no credit card required

Easy Admin & Rapid Restore
  • Integrated Intuit authentication
  • Point-in-time snapshot backup
  • Object count reporting

Learn about Jungle Disk's acquisition of SafetyNet backup for QuickBooks Online:

“The number of reported security incidents rose 48 percent this year to 42.8 million — the equivalent of 117,339 attacks per day.”
– PwC US in conjunction with CIO and CSO Magazine

Email Backup & Archiving Pricing

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Cloud Email Archiving


per month / per mailbox

Secure email archive of every sent & recieved message using immutable WORM storage*
  • Unlimited email retention
  • Unlimited email storage
  • eDiscovery compliant
  • Role-based access-control
  • Comprehensive audit logs
  • Analytics with real-time alerting

*Optional Data Import

We offer the ability to import all your existing email or to start fresh, archiving everything going forward from today – you choose.

Leading publications have written about Jungle Disk for a decade.

Network Security Pricing




per month / per location

Network Firewall, Ransomware Shield, & Easy VPN Access
  • Free OmniWAN firewall
  • 24/7 monitoring and alerting
  • Virus and malware protection
  • Data leak prevention
  • Web content filtering
  • Dedicated static public IP
  • Port forwarding
  • Gigabit network interfaces
  • Up to 4 LAN or WiFi Networks
  • Site-to-site & 3rd-party VPN

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