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How to Backup Microsoft OneDrive and Why

by Bret Piatt - Jul 20, 2016

Jungle Disk in the Community

Community is important to us In January of 2016, Jungle Disk was spun out of Rackspace to operate in San Antonio as an independent business. As you can imagine, that first year was focused on growth and stabilizing operations as a stand-alone c...

by Grant Herbon / Jungle Buzz / Oct 20, 2017

Quick Guide to Getting Started with Jungle Disk

QUICK GUIDE to getting started with Jungle Disk. CONTROL PANEL Login with your admin email address and password here. You can manage your account here. Anything from user and online disk permissions to billing and reporting. It’s a very useful ...

by Jordan Iriarte / Product Information / Oct 19, 2017

October Cyber Security Awareness - Ten Ways to Protect Yourself

Stop, Think, Connect during October Cyber Security Awareness Month October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) and we need to do our part, from businesses, government and as consumers to be diligent when we are online because of t...

by Del Peñano / Security Check / Oct 18, 2017

Military Cyber Professionals Association of San Antonio - Week 55 Cyber Talk Radio

Bret Piatt, CTR Host, joined by Charles Hackett and Shaun Herron of the Military Cyber Professionals Association of San Antonio Week 55 of Cyber Talk Radio Show Summary This past Saturday, October 14th, episode 55 of Cyber Talk Radio hit t...

by Bret Piatt / Cyber Talk Radio / Oct 17, 2017

Linux Newbies - File Attributes

So if you’re new to Linux and you’re coming from a Windows background one of the basic concepts you would need to grasp is the way file permissions work on linux systems. If you’re in your home directory and you run “ls -la” you will likely see a ...

by Chris (Rain) Avila / Product News / Oct 16, 2017

What we all want is to be valued members of a winning team on an inspiring mission

A Culture Exercise for Startups or Teams Great culture in an organization isn’t created or maintained through luck or accident. With it everyone is happy and productive (aka. engaged) and without it you have turnover, bad customer outcomes, and...

by Bret Piatt / Thought Leadership / Oct 13, 2017

How to Add Another Level of Protection to Your Jungle Disk backup.

In the Jungle Disk Workgroup application, you can add an extra layer of protection to your configuration aside from encrypting your online disks. To do this, you’ll need to click “Configure” in the Jungle Disk Workgroup Activity monitor. Next y...

by Jayson Boyce / Product News / Oct 12, 2017