Google Drive Backup: Why You Should Backup Google Drive

For businesses using Google for Work some of your data is likely now residing on Google Drive. You may be accessing Drive through your mobile device or web browser. If you’re on a Windows PC you can also install Drive to your desktop so it acts similar to a network file share.

Drive is another File Server, it doesn’t replace the need for a managed backup

Data backup creates and keeps a second ‘safe copy’ separated from the ‘working copy’ of the data in the event of an accident (ex. a team member deleted the wrong file or folder or an application crashes and corrupts a file). This is a good idea for all businesses and required for many through industry regulations.

This article covers:

1. The installation and configuration of Google Drive on Windows 10.

2. The creation of a Jungle Disk Backup Vault to encrypt and automate secure backups.

3. An example backup restoration of a file from Google Drive.

NOTE: I also wrote about how to backup Microsoft OneDrive if your business uses it instead.

Step 1: Download Google Drive & Install on Windows 10

First up, get the Drive download from Google.

Get Google Drive

Diagram 1 - Google Drive Download Index

You’ll go through a simple installation process and connect it to your Google Account. (NOTE: If you have multiple Google Accounts Drive can only be connected to one account at a time.) After connection you should reach the screen in Diagram 2 where Google says, “Files kept in the Google Drive folder are backed up and safe.” If you have a copy of the file on your local hard drive in a separate folder and you manually create a second copy on your Google Drive that is a safe copy and a manual backup. If you move your working copy to Google Drive it is your only copy and it is then one accident away from becoming data loss.

Google Drive Setup Step 1

Diagram 2 - Google Drive Setup Step 1

Now that you’re connected you’ll see your Google Drive in Windows Explorer as I do on my computer shown in Diagram 3.

Google Drive Windows Explorer Example

Diagram 3 - Example Explorer View

Step 2: Create a Backup Vault and schedule automated off-site encrypted backup of Google Drive

We have great walkthroughs that explain how to configure a Jungle Disk Backup Vault and explain ‘What to Backup’ options to select all, some, or to exclude certain files or folders. Jungle Disk supports backing up Google Drive just as it does network shares, OneDrive, or any other location you keep a ‘working copy’ of your files. We’re here to make it easy to have a single secure backup service to store a ‘safe copy’ of all your data. Diagram 4 shows my Backup Vault.

Google Drive in Jungle Disk Backup Vault Example

Diagram 4 - Backup Vault with Google Drive Example

Step 3: Example: Using Jungle Disk to Recover a Lost File from Google Drive

Let’s say I deleted the Encrypted Data Backup flyer shown above in Diagram 3 by accident. Recovering a copy is as easy as following our Backup Vault Restore walkthrough to select the file, select the local destination folder, and click ‘Start Restore’. This second ‘safe copy’ could also get used in the event of a criminal hacker running a crypto ransomware attack on my Google Drive or many other scenarios where your ‘working copy’ of a file is no longer usable.

Google Drive backup restore to Windows Desktop

Diagram 5 - Example Recovery of Deleted File to Windows Desktop


Online storage is making data access and availability better than ever and this is wonderful for your productivity. A revolution in productivity does not need to be a revolution in risk. With Jungle Disk you can have both productivity and safety while unleashing the power of cloud computing on your business. Talk with one of our data security experts today or get started in 5 minutes for only $4 per month.

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