Cyber Talk Radio: Internet of Things aka IoT Security

Internet of Things Security - Week 4 of Cyber Talk Radio

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Show Summary

This past Saturday, October 15, the fourth episode of Cyber Talk Radio hit the airwaves on 1200 WOAI and iHeartRadio streaming. Show archives are available on the Cyber Talk Radio web site or directly on the [Cyber Talk Radio YouTube Channel](

John Engates joined us to discuss the Internet of Things which is already everywhere around us and still only at the beginning.

We covered a ton of great topics. I’ll hit on three in this blog post.

Backdoors and Master Keys

John brought up a topic I’m very passionate about – backdoors or master keys – and his example of the TSA master keys is an easy to understand example of why master keys are a horrible idea. Combine an iPhone master key with IoT malware and the 600Gbps+ DDoS attack on Krebs would look like a tiny ripple compared to what a billion iPhones could do.

Do you have a connected thermostat? Today it is being used for good to help the utility grid… what if it was hacked? What if a lot were hacked?

John walks us through an example scenario of what a bad actor could do by controlling a large number of thermostats in a single city. This is a real concern today as many utilities are providing a smart thermostat themselves with remote management capabilities.

Using IoT security devices at home? Are they really keeping you safe from a focused attacker?

Security cameras? A smart doorbell like ring. John asks a great question and offers a practical test for everyone to try at your own home before an attacker tries it on you. Hint: You’ll likely want to plug your internet router, WiFi access point and critical devices into one of these.

John follows a few news sites to help himself stay current including Hacker News, Techmeme and various groups on Facebook.

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