Behind the Scenes at Jungle Disk - The Beauty of Live Customer Support

Let’s face it there are companies out there that offer great products. Even though you love the product and its works great, there are often times where you need to get in touch with a human to get some help or ask a question! I would like to talk to you about what I feel is important to the customer experience.

I just called…to say…I need help

Most of us take it for granted until you experience the full power of an automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) trying to get ahold of customer service representative. So why do companies use IVR’s? Usually, I’m doing other things until someone picks up the phone and pressing “0” repeatedly doesn’t always work to get a customer service representative live. The reason I pick up the phone is because I need to get in contact with someone. Often times, I need the help now not 10 minutes from now. I’ve had companies that I worked with that asked me to input my account number and even though I did so, the representative I speak to still asks for it! What’s the purpose of the prompt in the IVR then? Other times, I find myself slowing my speech and speaking louder than normal for those IVR’s that ask for verbal commands. During these times, my wife and kids begin to wonder what’s wrong with me. Essentially, my life pauses while I hold the phone to my ear waiting for someone to answer my call. While I wait, I even go over the feedback I am going to give on their support process.

The Jungle Disk Experience

As a consumer and member of the Jungle Disk team, I just want to speak to a someone live. I want the ability to be able to pick up a phone and call someone that will understand the issues that I’m facing. Or if I can’t pick up the phone, I want to click on a button to be able to chat with someone. Jungle Disk understands that you don’t need a fancy IVR. All our techs are available to answer any question that you have. No need for a designated number for billing or support and there aren’t generic phone scripts that our team has to follow. Sometimes, a customer will call our sales line that is listed on our website but even then, you are not transferred numerous times and having to explain yourself over and over again!

At Jungle Disk, we value your time and work efficiently so you can get back to running your business and doing what you do best. There may be a time that the issue may need more eyes on it so we will create a ticket but all that means is that we want to make sure that your issue is not being ignored. Some companies will use that as a tactic to get you off the phone because it affects their metrics. We do that because we want to make sure your issue is resolved and will not stop until we do. Updates are given every step of the way and you can even get in touch with original technician that was helping you out so you are not repeating yourself when you need to call in to get an update.

The Jungle Disk support team is just that. It’s support. A team that will get you back on track and leaves you comfortable that your business’ cloud backup and network threat protection services are running effectively and efficiently.

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