What is a VPN and Why Should You Be Using It?

What’s a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network also known as a VPN gives online users the ability to securely connect to the internet by utilizing a provider’s protected server system. Just as an armored car service wouldn’t drive away from the bank parking lot with the back door open, neither should you by transmitting sensitive information over the internet with an open door to your data. An open door might invite criminal onlookers to take something from you without permission and potentially negatively affect you personally and professionally. According to numerous online resources, there are several good reasons to use a VPN:

  • You want download and upload files in privacy
  • You want to use public Wi-Fi confidently
  • You want to keep your internet based phone calls private
  • You frequently travel and want to ensure privacy as you surf, conduct business and check your bank accounts
  • You want to safeguard your private business information and intellectual property

How do I use a VPN?

Using a VPN doesn’t have to be a complicated process. In fact, today’s VPN services and technology can be utilized with a few simple clicks of the mouse and a couple of password entries. While the types of VPN services may vary, the differences among the choices are usually minimal. Whether you choose something software based or server based, you generally engage the secure tunnel using the same techniques.

With Jungle Disk’s Network Protection service for instance, you and your entire office gain VPN capabilities as part of the service offering. The Jungle Disk VPN method uses a dedicated network connection that is not shared with other customers outside of your account. By utilizing the solution within your own network, you can rest easy knowing your internet transactions are not only encrypted, but they are also originating from your own personal network and not some shared service.

Setting up the VPN is as easy as creating a new user in the control panel, downloading the client to your computer or smartphone and connecting using your unique security key. You can find more information about these services here.

Getting Started

Now that you know that a VPN safeguards your online connection by encrypting all the incoming and outgoing data, you might wonder how does an average business owner such as yourself get started. Well first off, you need to drill down to what your basic needs are:

  • Are you trying to keep your business data safe while you surf from the office?
  • Are you constantly on the go and plan on connecting from various Wi-Fi hotspots?
  • Do you want more than just secure Internet to keep you and your business safe from threats?
  • Do I need to protect more than just myself? What employees need this?

Once you assemble your list of important wants, you can drill down to the things that matter most and how you can address them with a service provider. Worthy VPN services should have a nice array of features, a stable and trustworthy architecture and competitive pricing. Our experts at Jungle Disk can help you dig through all the basics and can even recommend the best solution for your business. Contact us here and check out the below video!

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