Avoid the Pain of Data Loss - How Off-site Cloud Backup Will Protect Your Business’ Data

According to Gemalto’s recent Breach Level Index (1), an average of 10.4 million records are exposed or swiped every day. Every business needs to backup their data. Many businesses shrug off the thought of a hard drive failure or ransomware attack until it happens to them. Then it hurts a lot. Worst case scenario, it could mean the end of your business. It could mean losing your precious family photos or years of financial records.

We have a saying in the backup business - more is more. Redundancy wins. Ideally, you’d have as many copies of your data as possible. For example, you’d have a copy of your data on your machine’s local hard drive, a physical hard drive backup of your data and a secure, off-site cloud backup. Disasters come in many shapes and sizes and you want your business to be as protected as possible in case of theft, fire, malware/ransomware or any other possible threat to the safety of your mission critical data.

What about the frequency of your backups? Again, more is more. Imagine if you only backup your important data once a month, on the first. If your hard drive goes up in smoke on the 25th, you’ve lost nearly a month of data. This could be catastrophic to any business. We recommend having at least one of your backups run daily so your worst-case scenario is heavily mitigated.

Here are a few helpful posts that will walk you through the features of cloud backup, retention settings, disaster recovery and more.

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(1) Gemalto’s Breach Level Index Report

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