Privacy Please - Securing Your Domain Name Registration

I registered my first domain name in 2003. I thought it would be cool to own so I purchased the domain through GoDaddy. It was simple and inexpensive and I didn’t think too much about it after I was done purchasing. My focus was to get a blog up and running. The only time I thought about it was when I had to make changes to my Domain Name Servers (DNS). Then, I started to register a few more domains. Turns out that every time a cool sounding word or phrase would pop into my head, I would check the domain name availability and register it if it was available.

While I was working at Rackspace, I was asked to research/develop a service offering for domain name registration. As you can imagine, now I got knee deep into the details. It was actually more complex than I realized. It was especially complex for how inexpensive it was to register an available domain name. Rather than go too deep on all of the features, I want to focus on privacy.

How to Ensure Privacy of Domain Name Registration

When you register a domain name, by default as specified by ICANN, your contact information and domain name are available on the Internet. If you want to keep your contact information private, you have to subscribe to a “WHOIS Privacy Service.” Most registrars charge an additional fee for the service and often that service is provided by another business altogether. So, remember to keep that in mind when you are registering or renewing your domain name. There is usually an option to make your registration private.

On a side note, since my first experience using GoDaddy, I have since transferred all of my domains to Google Domains. It is a simple and reliable service. For $12, I can re-register all of my “.com” domains with no additional fee for Whois Privacy. What a deal, right?!

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