Benefits of Utilizing Jungle Disk Cloud Backup Summaries

At Jungle Disk, backup reporting is a feature that we often see underutilized by some of our customers. By default, the software should have “Report Backup Summaries” chosen in the “Backup Options” sub menu of the configuration window. “Report Backup Summaries” will essentially let you know if a backup completed successfully, failed or completed successfully with errors. While this option is great for a general overview, you’d need to check the software interface to get more details on what error occurred (if any). Because of this, I’d actually recommend choosing the “Report Backup Summaries and Detailed Logs” option instead.

Report Backup Summaries and Detailed Logs

With this option chosen, you’ll be able to see a more detailed log when logged into the control panel at and having chosen Reports>Backup reports toward the top left area of the page. After choosing a respective date of backup, you can then either go page by page to see which files were updated or even download a .csv log of the backup which will include any errors if present.

Benefits of Backup Summaries

Using this feature can be extremely valuable. First, it’s important to note that you are able to download the backup report on any computer if you’re not logged into the software on the machine that performed the backup. The summary will provide you with more insight to the overall health of your backups as well as enabling the Jungle Disk team to best determine how to assist with any issues that may have occurred during your backup.

If you have any questions on setting up your backup summaries or any errors you might be receiving in your logs, please reach out to the Jungle Disk support team. We want to help make sure your backups are running successfully!

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