Behind the Scenes at Jungle Disk - Who Blogs? We Blog!

Here at Jungle Disk we are all involved in writing blogs that not only provide valuable and useful information for our customers, but internally for our fellow colleagues as well. With my role focused primarily on the support team, there are many other areas and different departments that provide additional skills and knowledge I would not normally come across. Each person that contributes to the Jungle Disk Blog can share their experiences and knowledge that can be useful tools to help teammates in other roles, creating a collaborative work environment. This ends up being a win for customers and brings success to the company as well.

Each blog post contains valuable information but may also includes a personal view you wouldn’t normally be exposed to in a support/technical article. While our support articles are very informative, our blogs can go above and beyond by adding a human element into the mix. Blog posts rands from our support team offering advice on how to get the most value out of your Jungle Disk subscription to our sales team giving advice on how a business can move forward after being hit with ransomware to the operations team offering behind the scenes technical insight. This of course is only a small sample of the great information customers can access online at

With a quick search, you have an array of tools available at your fingertips that can be used to get started with Jungle Disk, maintain your backups, archive your emails and most importantly protect your network from cyberattacks. With different point of views for each members of the Jungle Disk team, you will always have a fresh perspective and variety of topics on the Jungle Disk Blog. A recent highlight would be our Marketing Team sharing Jungle Disk’s recent donation toward a scholarship at the San Antonio Women in Tech Aspirations in Computing event. As a member of the Jungle Disk support team, it is awesome to be able to see what opportunities and contributions Jungle Disk provides to our local community. Bringing awareness thanks to the Jungle Disk blog, I am able to participate in the excitement of being part of a company that provides an invaluable service not only to our customers and colleagues, but to the future of the technology industry in San Antonio.

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