Seven Secrets for a Better LinkedIn Profile with Scherer Communications

This morning, Jungle Disk sponsored a “7 Secrets for a Better LinkedIn Profile” workshop hosted by Matt Scherer, CEO at Scherer Communications. The two-hour, hands-on workshop walked attendees through best practices around maintaining a successful LinkedIn profile to communicate your expertise and work experience as a business professional.

During the workshop, Matt walked us through several exercises to help everyone build a professional and informative LinkedIn profile. Exercises included ensuring your profile picture makes an impression, highlighting the top things that people need to know about your background and current/past work experience and developing a summary that shows your work passions. Also, during the discussion, Matt asked attendees to discuss how they use LinkedIn as a marketing tool and any concerns around using it for marketing purposes.

For anyone that is on the job hunt, looking for a new opportunity or just wanting to get your LinkedIn profile spiffed up, definitely reach out to Matt to find out when he is hosting another workshop!

LinkedIn Workshop Attendees Networking

LinkedIn Workshop Attendees Networking

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