A Tour Through the Features of the Jungle Disk Control Panel

At Jungle Disk, we give our customers the power to control their backups and the way they archive their data. We also give the admins of the account the power to control and make changes to their account with ease. Each account with Jungle Disk is set up using a email known as the admin email, with this email you will be able to login to the admin control panel at secure.jungledisk.com.

In the control panel, you as the admin will have the ability to add licenses, update your credentials, download software, view our support contact information and view your invoices just to name a few features and capabilities. We also have a section in the control panel for “User Permissions” as well as “Online Disk” permissions. In these sections, you can give certain users disk permissions as well as “read/write” permissions for disks. If you were to get a new employee, you can also add a new license and create a new user profile for this employee.

One of the main features of the control panel is the “Backup Reporting” feature. This feature shows the admin which machines are backing up and if there are any issues with the backup jobs. You are able to view when the backup job ran, how long it took and if there were any issues with the backup job. We allow you to download a CSV file of the backup jobs for your records or if you want to look at the job in more detail. We also give the admin the ability to clean up their backup reporting as well if there are any old jobs that are not reporting or if an employee leaves and you do not need to see their backup jobs any more.

If you are using Jungle Disk Workgroup, the control panel is also where you will create and delete online disks. You will go to the “Online Disk” drop down menu and select “Manage/Add Online Disks.” Once on this page, you can create as many disks for data storage as you need as well as assign user permissions.

As an admin, we also give you the ability to look at your usage and see the overall size of your online disks and how much data you are storing with Jungle Disk. When you click on the “Usage Report” icon and get on the page you will be able to generate a report of your overall usage or you can refine it to just a single user or even just a single online disk. You can set up a time frame to see how your usage has grown or how it has decreased. This is also good to make sure that your online disks are healthy and not oversized. This helps ensure that your experience storing your data with Jungle Disk is a good one. As a reminder, we see best performance per online disk right at 500 GB or 100,000 files.

One of the last features I would like to talk about is our “Updating Billing Info” feature. Here you are able to update your credit card, email, phone number and secondary contact information. This is good for the admin as this gives you the power to update these credentials without having to create a ticket or contact us in support. We will gladly help you out with this if you need but we pride ourselves in giving you the admin control over this. We also give the admin the feature of viewing their invoices under the “View Invoices” icon. Here you can see all your invoices and how they are broken down each month.

We are proud of our products and every feature we offer to our customers. If you need any assistance walking through the control panel or just have general questions, our support team will happily assist you and help make you more comfortable with using the admin control panel.

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