From Support to Software - How We Track and Take Action on Customer Feedback

Software is a funny thing, regardless of the amount of time, testing and meticulous care invested, it’s never truly “done.” Operating systems change, dependencies change, API’s change and users change; I believe the user is the most important change agent when it comes to commercial software. So, today, I would like to delve into the inner workings of a few of the teams here at Jungle Disk that must collaborate in order to make sure that we’ve always got the user in focus when we’re making changes to our products. These teams are:

  • Support - The expert folks who answer your call when you need help or have questions about our software.
  • Development/Operations - These are the folks who actually Make the software and websites that make Jungle Disk a reality.
  • Product - This is where I come in. I work with both of the aforementioned teams to ensure that we’re tracking customer requests and addressing customer issues/bugs as quickly as we can.

Let’s take a look behind the scenes and examine a couple of recent examples of how our teams work together to take action customer feedback.

Customer Interviews

As Jungle Disk’s Product Manager, one of my favorite activities is setting up and participating in customer interviews. In the last round of interviews, we spoke with a customer that was managing a very large number of backups and was a frequent user of the Backup Reporting interface in our admin control panel. One of the issues he brought up was that he had to call the support team in order to remove old/deactivated backup reports from this interface. After conferring with our support team, we recognized that this was a fairly common task that customers needed to have done, but simply didn’t have the tools to do so.

Armed with this information, I worked with our development team to prioritize some time to come up with a solution. Within a couple of days, we had implemented and released a simple, but workable, solution that now allows customers to remove old backup jobs from their reporting interface.

Every time a customer contacts Jungle Disk support, we track it with a “ticket” in our customer support system. In addition to the information in the tickets, our support techs add a “tag” to each and every ticket. These tags are used to aid in tracking issues and customer pain points on a more macro level. This ticket tagging allows us to recognize larger patterns and take action based off of aggregate numbers.

The most recent example of how we’ve used ticket tag data can be found in the massive performance improvements included in the latest version of the Jungle Disk software. We noticed that customers would regularly contact the support team asking about the speed of their backups, specifically the first backup that they ran for a new Backup Vault. So, our development and operations team dug in and recognized that with a few optimizations in our software we would be able to reduce the duration of a backup run for the first and all subsequent runs.

Certainly, there are more examples, but these were two recent examples that illustrate how we work to listen, track and empathize with our customers and take action to make the product better, faster and easier to use.

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