Introducing Jungle Disk’s First Webinar - Protecting Your Google G Suite Data

At Jungle Disk, we are looking for ways to spread awareness on not only the products and services that we offer, but also data security as a whole. We are becoming more engaged with our current and future customer base sharing best practices and how to’s. This week, we were excited to kick off our first ever webinar series. The webinar this week focused on “Protecting Your Google G Suite Data.” If you missed the live webinar, don’t worry as you can watch the replay here.

As a helpful reminder, here are the educational resources that we offer to help you with navigating our data security suite, staying up-to-date on industry news and cybersecurity best practices.

Knowledge Base We have an extensive knowledge base library with articles from how to set up our software to troubleshooting steps. Our guides will help for what you are trying to accomplish however, there were other things out there that we felt our current and future customers can benefit from.

Blog The Jungle Disk Blog relays information from behind the scenes and technical updates to things that any computer user should be aware of such as ransomware attacks. We’ve pushed out some awesome material and cover an array of topics that everyone can benefit from.

Videos Check out and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Videos do take a bit longer to produce so we are still building up that library but we started with some of our common questions that we usually get and will eventually expand to more complex scenarios.

Webinar Series As I mentioned above, we recently started our webinar series! We look forward to push out more webinars and will keep everyone updated on when the next one is along with the title and description. In case you missed it, below you will find the link to the first webinar which covers protecting your Google G Suite Data. We also strongly recommend that you backup your Google Drive using Jungle Disk Backup. This webinar, however, focuses on the email aspect. Various industries such as healthcare and legal require that the their email is backed up using WORM technology (Write Once Read Many) or have a retention period of unaltered email. In this webinar, we cover why you would want to do this and give a preview of the Jungle Disk Email Archiving product.

Webinar 1: Protecting your Google G Suite Data

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