Cyber Talk Radio: Cybersecurity Program at Texas A&M University - San Antonio

Cybersecurity Program at Texas A&M University - San Antonio - Week 42 of Cyber Talk Radio

Show Summary

This past Saturday, July 15, episode 42 of Cyber Talk Radio hit the air on 1200 WOAI and iHeartRadio streaming. I was joined by Dr. Kevin Barton, associate professor-professional track in computer information systems at Texas A&M University-San Antonio, to discuss the university’s cybersecurity program, how it got started and the different degrees and certificates offered to students in the information systems and security tracks.

In the first half of the show, we kick off by having Dr. Barton tell us about his background in education, how Texas A&M University - San Antonio (TAMU-SA) got built up and is now a four-year accredited program. How did the university in San Antonio decide to build out an IT program? Computer Information Systems was actually one of the main programs launched with the school in effort to attract 24th Air Force students. The university is going through the process of reaccreditation for Cyber Defense education. Students starting in the fall of 2018 will then be eligible for the Cyber Defense education certificate. Dr. Barton also tells us about TAMU-SA’s launch of JagCloud, a cloud environment for teaching and instruction. JagCloud is a cloud-based environment where students will deploy, operate and administer virtual servers in a controlled risk environment. It’s a cloud-based lab that will support traditional computer information system and computer science instruction, such as programming and database courses. They are on track to deploy JagCloud in the Fall semester!

In the second half of the show, we dive into discussing the Student Cyber Organization at TAMU-SA. The Student Cyber Organization allows students who are interested in information systems/computer science to explore and experiment with the topics learned in lectures and labs as an extracurricular activity. The organization is also used as a focal point for students who are interested in practicing/competing in any competitions such as the Imagine Cup. Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) has a student organization on A&M San Antonio’s campus and is associated with the Alamo Chapter. ISSA is a more industry focused and a way for students to get introduced to professionals in the local industry and also allows students to interact with the security businesses and professionals in San Antonio.

To learn more about Texas A&M University - San Antonio and its cybersecurity program, listen to the full episode replay here!

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