Facial Recognition Becoming More Pronounced as Part of the Data Security Plan

While still in the early adoption phase, facial recognition software is beginning to gain steam as part of some company’s both physical and data security strategy. Jungle Disk currently serves north of 25,000 customers in industries like healthcare, legal, and finance so services that include facial recognition will begin to become more valuable especially since compliance standards like HIPAA. and FINRA are heavy on protecting data these businesses collect.

An interesting company to check out in the facial recognition space is ZOA Solutions. The company has developed a suite of apps using facial recognition to do everything from managing in/out hours to allowing employees access to workstations. Jungle Disk recently met with ZOA Solutions to talk about some neat innovations in the area and we are excited about how these apps are helping to keep companies and their employees safe.

ZOA Solutions has a couple of innovative products to highlight called CloudGate and Smart Lobby. According to ZOA Solutions, CloudGate is identity and access intelligence software. They are working to solve for the fact that “people are complex.” CloudGate tracks all people, all types, all entries, and exits. to provide security and convenience for accessing digital and physical assets. It replaces badges and passwords with digital keys delivered via Smart Phone proximity or Face Recognition using real-time Active Directory authentication.

Another product to highlight from ZOA Solutions is Smart Lobby. Need to ramp up your physical building security? You can check out Smart Lobby, which is a “one check-in/out platform for associates, visitors and contractors.” According to ZOA Solutions, Smart Lobby with integration into your active directory enforces fast recognition at the point of entry and eliminates clipboard methods, reduces wait time, and provides real-time clean data with comprehensive dashboards and reports.

How Does All This Compliment Jungle Disk

Imagine as a healthcare provider, you could use facial recognition to allow access to specific data sources, workstations, and medical equipment. How about if you worked in real estate and you needed another layer of protected access for your laptops in the field? These are just some of the simple use cases for the software. At Jungle Disk, our mission is to keep your business safe. Our complete data security suite includes network protection services, off-site encrypted backups, and email archiving for Office 365 and Google G Suite. Our customers are continually seeking ways to keep their business and data safe and this adds an additional layer of protection. and is something our customers appreciate.

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Want to learn more about data security and facial recognition for your business? In addition to a connecting you with the folks at ZOA Solutions, our experts at Jungle Disk can recommend the best possible solution to protect your company.

Our encrypted off-site backup plus network protection service can protect your business from the most advanced threats including malware, ransomware, network intrusions, data leaks, botnet attacks, and DDos attacks. In addition, all our network protection plans provide protected internet, encrypted VPN remote access, and secure WiFi for your employees and visitors. Let’s chat more about it. Give us a call at 1-888-601-0401 or send us an email at [email protected]

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