Back That Thing Up

Every day at Jungle Disk — much like life in general — is a learning experience. For those of you familiar with my past blogs, you may recall that I am a number cruncher and not a techie. Enter in my latest learning adventure.

The other day I was trying to perform a rather basic computer maintenance function when I nearly drove my computer off a cliff. What was that function, you ask? Installing new software? Writing code for a new program? Nope, I was simply trying to clear my cache and wound up accidentally deleting my history which included a lot of my work-related history, like my favorite bookmarks that I use daily. Now this may sound very minor to you, but for someone like me who is not technical, but works in a technical environment, this is huge. I was having an “Oh my gosh, what did I do?” moment.

The first thing I do in the morning after logging into my computer is open the applications I use most, which include Zendesk, QuickBooks, Invoice Sherpa and Team Drives, just to name a few. Being the computer novice that I am, I did not know how to go about recovering what I had accidentally deleted. After trying for a while a few patient co-workers, a.k.a. “techies with a heart,” took the time to assist me and were able to recover most — but not all — of my bookmarks. I was eventually able to look up and resave all of my bookmarks, but that is time that could have been better spent elsewhere.

A word to the wise, sometimes it is prudent and we need to take time to sweat the small stuff. I can’t imagine if I would have deleted something of importance and it not have been backed up with Jungle Disk. Here at Jungle Disk we pride ourselves in ensuring your business is backed up. We know you don’t always have time to sweat the small stuff so let us do it for you.

Visit one of our blog posts for more information on what a data backup is and what purpose it serves.

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