Jungle Disk supports CAST Tech with up to $250,000 donation

Jungle Disk & CAST Tech Background

Since joining the CAST Tech Industry Advisory Committee, we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with the SAISD administration to help bring an industry perspective into faculty selection, mentorship program development, project-based learning topics and much more.

The CAST Tech Twitter Timeline is an excellent way to see the history in pictures and videos. One example (shown below) is from a summer event hosted by Rackspace, another of the industry partners, where the students were all able to meet for the first time.

We have a community involvement page covering all our activities so you can find out where you may run into someone in a Jungle Disk t-shirt with a smile while doing what they can to be helpful.

$250,000 Campaign Details

We’re asking for your help in the support of CAST. We’ll write a $100 check to the SAISD Foundation for each new Jungle Disk-CAST Tech Supporting Customer. You’ll be able to use our service to backup up your computers and protect your valuable data starting at eight dollars per month. If we reach 1,000 supporting customers before January 1, 2018, we’ll make it a $250,000 donation in support of the schools. With your permission, we’ll also include you on a commemorative plaque.

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