Data Security Reference Guide: How to Lock it Up!

In today’s age of computing, it’s not always easy to secure your information. Keeping cyber thieves at bay while you bank, work, socialize, research and browse should always be in the back of your mind. After all, your sensitive information needs to stay where it belongs … with you.

What about data security for your business? Customer, patient and financial data are all prime targets of cyber theft, and with the rise of malware and ransomware attacks, your business should have some basic principles to lean on while you put together your data security hygiene plan. Here are some ways you can be mindful of how you are safekeeping your data.

Set Policies and Have Controls

Your business should categorically define the data types you are storing and using. By doing so, it allows you to put controls in place around how you transmit, process and store specific information. It helps you decide things like what you should store onsite versus offsite, what should be encrypted and at what level, and how you allow people access to the information.

Backup Your Data with a Trusted Provider

Keeping a safe second copy of your data ensures you have a “plan B” in case you suffer a ransomware attack or major data loss. Make sure your storage provider uses advanced encryption and has geographic redundancy built into their backup system. Your quick and successful access to that safe second copy is critical, plus how it is securely stored should also have high priority.

Protect Your Network from Outside Threats

Do you have multi-level threat protection keeping your network safe from attacks? Make sure you are running a network firewall that offers an active ransomware shield, malware protection and data leak prevention. Relying on your staff to make smart internet clicks and decisions 100 percent of the time is not practical, so make sure to have something that works automatically to block malicious links, emails and social media objects. Doing so could save you lots of pain and loss of revenue.

Train Your Employees

Have your employees undergo cybersecurity training. These things don’t come naturally to staff members, so help to educate them. Suspicious links are one thing, but today’s cyber criminals are savvy in how they mask links in emails, social media and websites. Make sure your team is trained on what to look out for and be rigorous about how they vet each click of their mouse. Studies show that regular ongoing training helps to keep employees sharp and focused on company objectives, so make this a top training topic.

What Next?

Make sure that as an employer you are keeping up with the latest information to help safeguard your business. Organizations like the FTC publish tips on how to safeguard your business.

If you need help putting together a data security plan, please contact our experts at [email protected] or by calling 1-888-601-0401. Good luck and stay safe!

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