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It’s not surprising to hear the Facebook user stat, considering the average worldwide usage (time spent) of social media is 135 minutes daily in 2017, up from 127 minutes the previous year. In my previous blog, I focused on five ways to mitigate cyber threats on your smartphone. According to the latest statistics, 60 percent of social media was via your smartphone.

With the increase in user activity on social networking sites, here are the top five ways to protect yourself.

1. Limit number of friends.

It’s best to limit the number of friends especially on one’s personal (non-business) Facebook account. Do we really want that much information about ourselves out there? There is some truth to the saying of TMI (too much information). As I write this blog, I also remind myself to be smart on what I post on social media because it may have both positive and negative impact both personally and professionally. The reality is that there’s just too much information that we may post and can often be misused by cyber thieves.

2. Know the privacy policies and practices of each social site.

It is important to know that social networking sites such as Facebook collect and gather information about us for advertising and marketing purposes. What information is being collected by possible third party? Periodically, check the privacy statement and review your settings accordingly. It’s just good practice.

3. Know your company’s social networking policy.

Most companies, in general, have an acceptable use policy (AUP) on how employees may or may not use social networking sites while in the workplace. These policies are in place to protect the company’s network, prevent data leaks and other potential accidents and attacks. Be sure not to violate your company’s AUP.

4. Set a Google alert.

It’s a great idea to set up a Google Alert with your name, so if something does pop up you’ll get a notification. If you have young teenagers, it may also be a good idea to have an alert set up for them.

5. Avoid surveys and games on social media.

This is a personal choice and everyone has a responsibility to be diligent in what they allow or don’t allow access to. On most of the social networking sites, to complete a survey, participate in a contest or play a game, you are required to grant them access to your profile information and friends/connections. I personally would not want my personal information shared to a third party that I don’t even know.

Remember, be smart about the personal and professional information that you share on social networking sites. Always keep these security guidelines in mind!

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