Jungle Disk Software Demo (Video)

A lot of us nowadays are extremely busy with the whirlwind of our businesses, family life, hobbies, etc. Data security is not a topic that crosses many people’s mind, but the fact is that it should be something that has your attention especially since cyber threats are continuing to increase. Who has time to research and ensure your business is taking the proper cybersecurity precautions?

Demo of How the Jungle Disk Software Works

I’ve been on several calls where customers don’t have the time during their day to learn about data security or even take the time to sit through a product demo. What if you have questions about the Jungle Disk software but cannot jump on a call with us? I went ahead and created a quick demo video to show you how our software looks once set up properly. The demo also walks you through the configure and restore process.

Online Disk Creation and Setting Up a New User

Although, I do not cover the actual process of creating a user or online disk in this video, I have two separate videos to walk you through how to accomplish those tasks.

Hope these videos help give you more guidance on how the Jungle Disk software works. After watching, please send over any additional questions you might have or requests for other demo video topics. We look forward to helping out all our current and future customers!

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