Jungle Disk Attends Dallas Small Business Expo

Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to attend the Small Business Expo in Dallas. I am so grateful for the experience. It’s not every day that we get to leave our monitors and go out and shake the hands of prospective customers, so I really welcomed the trip. I didn’t know what to expect, but once we set up our Jungle Disk booth, I knew we were in for a treat.

We met so many different people with really interesting stories about their small business, what they do, how what led them to the expo. We spoke with people in the health, legal, insurance and auto industries, and had some really excellent conversations about data security. I spoke with an insurance agent who was tired of being phished. He said, “I’m not dumb enough to click, but sometimes I may be busy enough to click,” which really resonated with me. Because of our industry, our antennas are up constantly when reading emails, but viewing from the scope of a small business owner, your daily whirlwind of putting out fires and trying to push your product may not allow you to slow down and think before you click, so having something like Jungle Disk Email Archiving would be a necessary safety net.

Speaking of SafetyNet (10 points for that smooth transition), we met quite a few accountants, bookkeepers and financial advisors who unknowingly thought that their Quickbooks Online data was backed up by Quickbooks Online, natively. “Why wouldn’t they be backed up? It’s in the cloud,” one accountant asked me directly. This is such a common misconception, and one that I completely related to, because I used to think the same way. However, I explained how Quickbooks Online data is at risk, and unless he uses a back up the tool, that data, like any other data in any cloud tool can be lost forever. I let him know that in early access our SafetyNet tool is free, and he promised to try it out.

I’ve been to quite a few conferences, (no big deal), and I have seen the evolution of the cloud and lived it first hand, as a Cloud Office Specialist in my time at Rackspace. Something that really struck me is how the majority of business owners we spoke with used at least Google or Microsoft as their email and/or cloud storage providers, with their own domains. A couple of years ago, I used to see gmail domains, yahoo domains, and even, (RIP) AOL domains. So, it’s nice to see the adoption of cloud platforms and business class productivity tools like G-Suite and Office365. If you are still living in the dark ages, please call me, because Jungle Disk can help you get your business set up with G Suite of Office365. Piece of advice, ditch the generic, free email, and use these tools to ensure your business is as collaborative and efficient as possible. And if you already have it, we are happy to support it to ensure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck. Just email [email protected] and we can get you squared away.

The Jungle Disk team is excited to attend the next Small Business Expo conference. The conferences are available in select cities, so let us know which one you are attending, we will see about attending, so we can help you protect your business with our full data security suite.

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