Cyber Security: 5 Tips to Protect Your Business From a Data Breach in 2018

According to Gemalto’s recent Breach Level Index (1), an average of 10.4 million records are exposed or swiped every day. This is a scary statistic that is increasing everyday with the rise of ransomware and other malicious cyber attacks. Here are a few important tips to follow to ensure your business’s critical records are safe from nefarious actors.

  1. Managed Firewall Service - Managing all of the the daily operations of a small business can be difficult. Leave it to the experts in cyber security to manage your firewall. As malware and attacks evolve, most managed firewall services will update signatures to detect the most recent attack vectors.
  2. Antivirus - In order to thwart today’s cyber criminals, you need to take a layered approach to your defensives. Investing in a endpoint protection antivirus is another layer to add to your defensives.
  3. Patching - In order to help mitigate a compromise, you should have your devices setup on an automatic patching interval. In most cases, vendors release security patches on a monthly cycle. Make sure that your laptops and desktops are configured to download and install patches on a consistent basis. Sometimes the update service can run into problems with receiving updates. Make sure that you are receiving updates as expected.
  4. Cloud Backup - If all of your defensives fail, you need a copy of an older version of your files. You should ensure that you are utilizing a good cloud backup service that stores your business’s data offsite from your location. Having a USB external drive in the same location of your business is not without risk. If your business has a security breach or some other natural disaster occurs, the external hard drive may not offer you a way to recover your data. Backing your files up to an offsite location is key.
  5. Disaster Recovery Plan - Businesses of all sizes should have a disaster recovery plan in place in case of a disaster. Whether the disaster is a security breach, fire or theft incident, having a plan to recover from the disaster will expedite bringing your business back online.

In addition to the above tips, here are a few helpful posts that will walk you through the features of cloud backup, retention settings, disaster recovery and more.

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(1) Gemalto’s Breach Level Index Report

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