Team Outing Philanthropitch Style

In a blog post I shared with you last week, our company outing was lunch on a river barge, and participation in Philanthropitch San Antonio. As a corporate supporter, we brought members of our team to the event at the Tobin Center to hear the six finalists make their pitch and then award our favorite with a check for $5,000. After some healthy deliberation, we’re happy to announce that we selected Youth Code Jam. It was a tough choice and all six finalists did a great job in sharing their story in a short 3 minutes. Congratulations to the other five finalists - Vetted, Reasoning Mind, Restore Education, Hemisfair Conservancy and Move San Antonio on a job well done.

We really liked the concept because it’s similar to how Rackspace handled philanthropy (Jungle Disk spun out of Rackspace in January 2016). Through Rack Gives Back (RGB), Rackers would review (on a quarterly basis) the grant requests of local nonprofits and then they would come in and make their pitch. Then, we’d have a discussion about the merits of each organization and their mission and ability to execute and then award grants accordingly. To keep the perspectives fresh and provide the opportunity for more people to be involved in the process, participation in RGB would rotate. I really like the concept and now that Jungle Disk has spun out of Rackspace, and we’re a small business, we don’t have the resources to run that type of program so Philanthropitch was the perfect avenue to engage in a similar type of philanthropy. So with that said, we couldn’t be more pleased with the event and encourage small businesses to participate next year!

If you want to learn more about Youth Code Jam, you can check out our post or download the podcast of Cyber Talk Radio, Episode 23. We had the Founder of Youth Code Jam, Debi Pfitzenmaier, on the show where she talked about the great work they’re doing to promote the learning of computer science.

If you want to learn more about Philanthropitch San Antonio, you can read the recap the event on the Notley Ventures website. Wait…what? In the inaugural event, we (the San Antonio community) awarded $100,000? Now that is the way to get it done!

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