Google Drive File Stream: Securing Your Info in Google

In the wake of Google discontinuing their Google Drive desktop application, Drive File Stream is its successor. Much like our article to backup OneDrive, we would recommend that you have a separate, secure backup copy of these files.

First, ensure that you have downloaded and configured Google Drive File Stream and can see this on your computer. This will not backup native Google files, such as Google Docs or Sheets.

Use Jungle Disk to create an encrypted backup.

Backing up Google

How to view the network share path for Google Drive File Stream.

Open your Windows Explorer and right click on the Google Drive File Stream icon and select properties. The window on the right called, Google Drive File Stream Properties, also shown in the first image will pop up.

Backing up Google

Navigate to the Sharing tab and click on Advanced Sharing. Click on “Share this folder” and click ok.

Backing up Google

You’ll see under ‘Network Path:’ the Windows File Share path name, click and drag to highlight it, right click, and select Copy.

Open up your Jungle Disk Monitor and add the network share to a backup job. For the authentication on your network share in the backup configuration, use the computer’s admin credentials.

If you have any questions or issues while setting up your Google Drive File Stream backup, please reach out to our support team. We are happy to help!

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