BusinessMakers USA: Small Business Cybersecurity with Jungle Disk CEO

Many small businesses struggle to be able to afford an enterprise-level cloud technology or even an in-house team of technical experts. This is why small businesses hire Jungle Disk! Bret Piatt, Jungle Disk CEO, recently did an interview with BusinessMakers USA talking about cybersecurity and how Jungle Disk helps small businesses protect their important digital records and data. Watch the video and read over the Q&A to learn about why Jungle Disk was founded, workforce gap in cybersecurity and the affect of cyberattacks on small businesses.

“There’s a workforce gap of maybe two to three hundred thousand cybersecurity professionals already across America, and that number is headed towards the millions,” said Piatt. “Those small businesses out there don’t even have access necessarily to hire a service provider to come in and help them with this stuff. So, we’ve tried to build a packaged product solution that makes this easy, goes through and really makes the attackers life much more difficult. We want to make it to where small businesses are that hard target that criminals just decide they won’t go after. It leaves them to go do something else, hopefully productive with their life instead of running a criminal enterprise.”

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