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Microsoft Office 365: Troubleshooting the Autodiscover Error

We love our customers! I recently had the privilege of migrating a customer from their Microsoft Office 365 account with another provider over to Jungle Disk’s Office 365 account to bundle their services. The customer has our encrypted backups, email archiving and Office 365 when it was all set and done. In workin with the customer on the migration over to Jungle Disk, I was able to prepare them on what to expect so there were no surprises throughout the process (feel free to reach out to me if you would like to have that chat).

Everything was going smoothly until we ran into a snag with Outlook. Now, their email is up and running and accessible online so that’s great. However, everyone in the company wanted to continue using Outlook, which is fine. We were running into an error though that not even Microsoft could figure out why we were not able to get the mailboxes configured in Outlook. I tried everything I could think of and there was not much more that Microsoft was able to advise on as well. I then stumbled on a way to get the account connected! It’s a bit odd but it worked for the customer to get the users connected so they could get back to working the way that they are used to.

I wanted to do a manual setup but with Outlook 2016, it is required that you do the setup via Autodiscover. This was already in place, which perplexed me and the Microsoft support team. I wanted to share the work around we did to get the account working in case you run into this issue as well.

First, please be aware that these steps are for PC users and running the latest version of Outlook (2016). If you are getting the error with a different version, you can try these steps but if you are still getting an error, be sure to reach out to us so we can try a few other things that may be available to fix the issue.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Pull up your control panel, search for “Mail” and click on the mail icon that pops up. You will then see this pop up. Make sure to click on “Show Profiles:”

Outlook Setup

Step 2: After clicking on “Show Profiles,” make sure you have “Prompt for a profile to be used.” Then click on “Add.”

Outlook Setup

Step 3: You will then give the profile a name and click on “OK”

Outlook Setup

Step 4: Input your name, email address and password of the Office 365 account you are trying to connect and then click on “Next.”

Outlook Setup

Step 5: You will then see the following screen if you inputted the correct information. You will see the error that we were running into with the customer below.

Outlook Setup

Step 6: If you got that error, click on “Cancel” and you will then see this pop up below. Make sure to click on “OK” on this:

Outlook Setup

Step 7: Now you can close those windows and launch Outlook. Since you changed the setting to prompt you which profile to use, you will see the screen below. Make sure to choose the profile you attempted to create and click “OK.”

Outlook Setup

Step 8: You will then get this pop up and you would click “OK.”

Outlook Setup

Step 9: You will then enter your Office 365 account email and password until you see the screen below.

Outlook Setup

Step 10: Give that a few minutes to pull the data down off the server and you’re all set!

If you try to follow these steps and are still running into issues, please reach out to me directly at Happy to help!

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