Jungle Disk + Triniterns: A Chance to Explore

If you asked me, “What are you doing with your summer?” at the beginning of my first semester as a sophomore, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you. At the time, I had no idea I would be working for Jungle Disk through the Students + Startups program at Trinity University. Students + Startups is a program through Trinity’s entrepreneurship department that provides students the opportunity to work in startups, and startups the opportunity to have interns while at the same time not breaking the bank. I’m excited for this internship because it will show me a side of the computer science industry that hopefully will help me figure out what I would like to do with my degree after I graduate. There is so much for me to explore in the industry, and what I’m going to be doing at Jungle Disk this summer is one of the many things that I could end up pursuing a career in.

During my 10-week internship, I will be making a context-based chatbot to interact with Jungle Disk customers. What this means is that customers will be able to interact with the chatbot in ways where they won’t have to enter their information more than once, barring that they don’t enter invalid inputs. I’m going to use Google’s Dialogflow to achieve this, as it provides an interface that is fairly easy to use and provides the necessary tools for this project.

I also hope to improve my researching skills. As a computer scientist, the Internet is a helpful tool in terms of troubleshooting and solving problems, but you have to know a little bit about what you’re looking for to get what you need. I can find what I need most of the time, but there’s still that case where the internet isn’t providing an answer because of my search terms. This is definitely something I’m going to get to practice because I have no prior experience with Dialogflow and so the internet and my peers will be my only resource if I run into problems.

I would like to thank Jungle Disk, Students + Startups and the 80/20 Foundation for this opportunity. I’m so glad that I get to work for and learn from amazing people, which wouldn’t be possible without the help of these organizations.

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