Jungle Disk + Triniterns: Embracing New Challenges

As an international student from Chile, summer internships are usually limited for me due to several different reasons. During my time as a Trinity student, I have had the opportunity to intern for two different companies during the past two summers, but they both happened to be back home, so this will be my first summer in San Antonio. The tech industry had always been a mystery to me — until I decided to take a management information systems class at Trinity, which I enjoyed so much that I ended up declaring my major as business analytics and technology (BAT). I also decided to declare Chinese as my minor thinking that it could be helpful in the tech industry if I ended up working in it, but honestly I don’t know what I was thinking because it is a really hard language. I was always able to handle myself pretty well around computers and cell phones, but who doesn’t anymore? I guess part of it was my parents encouraging me to study something related to computers because they thought that I was some kind of computer whisperer, but really all I did was download the Facebook app onto their new iPhones.

Even though I was lucky to get hired for an internship for the past two summers, I felt like I could not see myself working for these companies after I graduated. I was learning so many new things at school and I had not had the opportunity to apply any of it at these internships. So when I started my junior year at Trinity, I promised myself that I would find an internship that included tasks more related to my major where I could make use of the knowledge I was getting from my classes. I had heard about the Students + Startups program before, but didn’t really pay attention to it. After attending a few info sessions, I was confident that this program would guide me into finding the perfect internship. I filled the application very meticulously, I wanted it to be perfect. Once I felt that with my essay and cover letter were 150 percent ready, I submitted it and hoped for the best. A few weeks later I got the email from Carmen Aramanda, who is in charge of the Students + Startups program at Trinity, saying that I had been accepted!

I was a little nervous but very excited when I received the binder with the information of all of the companies that offered internships through Students + Startups. I will never forget that Jungle Disk was on the first page of the binder, and as I read the description I thought to myself how amazing it would be if I could be a part of this team. I was specially drawn to the part in the job description that said that each intern would have a task that will provide real-life business experience, which was something that had never been offered in my past internships and it was exactly what I was looking for. I was disappointed to find out that I had not been matched with Jungle Disk for speed interview night, and this meant that I didn’t have a scheduled interview, so if I was interested in the company, I needed to reach out to them myself. I was a little hesitant, but as soon as I arrived home after speed interview night, I sent an email to Jungle Disk expressing my interest in the company and asking for an interview.

I was thrilled to accept a summer internship at Jungle Disk a few weeks after my interview. The few months before the internship began, I had time to think about what I wanted to learn during my time at Jungle Disk. I wasn’t successful in deciding on one thing, I wanted to learn everything. Since I had already worked as a public relations intern for a small company, I knew that I would feel comfortable doing this for Jungle Disk too, but how exciting would it be to do something I had never done before? I am hopeful that I will achieve new goals during the next 10 weeks that I will be working at Jungle Disk. I will be researching for new ways to improve Jungle Disk’s organic search ranking on Google. In order to do this, I will get certified in Google AdWords and therefore learn more about how to use this tool effectively. I will also be working on finding new ways to optimize our social media to create brand awareness in the tech industry, and hopefully into every business that could benefit from Jungle Disk’s services.

Over my time at Jungle Disk, I want to grasp onto every available opportunity to help and learn something new. Even if it is a small project that could be done in five minutes, or a big task that I know nothing about, I am ready to challenge myself, just like I do with my Chinese classes during the semester. I believe that by the end of the summer I will be very pleased with the new knowledge and skills I’ve learned, and will have chosen a path to follow once I am done with school.

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