We’re Here to Help: Get on Board with the Jungle Disk Software

You see it all the time. You buy a product and you are too busy with other things and you forget to set it up. You get that gym membership, sign up, get your gym gear, but never go. You get the tools to and supplies to change the oil in your car, yet it never happens, so you just end up taking it somewhere to get the oil changed.

It’s no surprise we see the same behavior here at Jungle Disk, but we do have a dedicated support team that will help our new and even older customers install their software and get more familiar with how our software works.

On a weekly basis, I get reports on new sign ups for all of our products and I perform an account check up to check whether or not they have been set up. I check for support tickets and see if these tickets were solved and the customer was taken care of. If I see a customer has signed up for one our products, but has yet to set it up — I usually reach out and see if they need assistance. If they are busy or do not have time, I try and set up a call so I can help them when they do have the time. I also usually send them our getting started guides as well as our best practice guides for our backup service.

Even if you are a current customer, it’s always good to get a refresher course. You can view these support guides here:

For our other services, like email archiving or network protection, we usually correspond with these customers one on one to make sure that everything has been set up correctly and they are happy with the service.

So, if you are a new or an older customer and you have questions or maybe missed one of our onboarding emails please feel free to reach out to our team and we will be glad to assist in getting your service set up correctly. We are a strong believer in getting customers familiar with all of our products. If you need a refresher or you have taken over the account, we will be glad to give you a quick lesson in the products we stand by. It’s always good to learn and to be active in something that you are counting on to help your business.

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